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It started very early and very frustrating:
At the age of 12, 1962, I saw in a store a boomerang for 5,99 DM That was a lot of money and for
me the pocket money of nearly 2 weeks. I happily went to the field and spent a whole afternoon
trying to throw the thing 30 meters to run, throw, 30 m to walk to ......
I was met with the typica...

It started very early and very frustrating:
At the age of 12, 1962, I saw in a store a boomerang for 5,99 DM That was a lot of money and for
me the pocket money of nearly 2 weeks. I happily went to the field and spent a whole afternoon
trying to throw the thing 30 meters to run, throw, 30 m to walk to ......
I was met with the typical "Fakerang" of wood. Supposedly produced by the Finnish world
champion boomerang throwing (that never was).
So the boomerang came into obscurity for many years.
About 24 years later (I was already happily married with adult and 36 years for a year and a proud
father of a son), I worked at a youth center in Geesthacht as youth workers. Workshop focus was
working with young unemployed in a professionally equipped woodworking shop.
One afternoon came bursting in five Turks. In the hand, the magazine "GEO Australia Special." It
was all about Australia and of course an article about boomerangs was also there.
The boys were all excited, talking at once and I understood only as something like, "Hey, cool,
look, boomerangs! - Let us build some boomerangs! ".
I said, "Such a thing I bought as I where a child many years ago. - This does not function anyway! "
The guys did not give up, showed me a photo of a boomerang and so I sent for photocopying. They
should zoom the photo, so we had a presentation at large.
On the magnification was then to recognize that the piece of wood had a wing profile that the elbow
was limited. - Puzzle! - Therefore the thing you bought was not working as a child – it had no
airfoil, so could not produce a lift and logically neither fly nor fly back.
We built the thing done quickly, went behind the Youth Centre on the grass and I threw that thing
away hopeful. Crap! The boomerang flew straight for about 15 meters, and then chop with a little
twist to the right into the ground. After two more attempts, I gave up and wanted to throw the piece
of wood in the garbage.
Then the little seven year old sister of a Turk came and said: "If you want to throw away, you can
also give it to me, which looks so beautiful!" - Sure, I gave her the boomerang. The small girl took
it and just threw it.
I could not believe my eyes: The boomerang flew a beautiful circle clockwise and landed at our
feet. I was completely taken aback and asked the girl to throw again. And again it worked. At the
3rd throw I realized the crucial: The Small threw left! - We had copied an Australian left-handed
boomerang. An aboriginal boomerang!
Now it was easy. I built the thing just once, but reversed and a week later it was in Geesthacht its
integrity no longer safe, as many as boomerangs flew through the air.
Two years later I worked in Hamburg in a self-help project for unemployed youth and young adults.
The boomerang was at the workbench and here is my medium.
It was in this facility to bring the boys and girls to regular work.
It should not be a "game mode" and the young people should also be able to earn real money.
So I commercialized the boomerang. What I was in my first training (before I graduated and social
workers was) trained merchant?
This worked wonderfully and our initiative was called "The Boomerang project" because it
concerned project work in youth work.
This worked so well that it was the carrier scary because it supplanted all others in work and
Therefore, the sponsoring organization to scale back the project to amateur level decided - almost
into a craft course for those interested it.
Since I was not willing to play along and founded with three of the boys, the company "The
Boomerang project". The boomerangs we built initially at the weekend in the basement of my
rented house.
Continuously grew sales until the weekend it was no longer sufficient. I went into my uphill on a
part-time position to operate the company further. - To live content not yet reached it.
That went so two years in which much happened: I "lost" one of my employee after another,
because they all came in under woodworking occupations. I was very happy because on the one
hand it was good for the boys to learn a trade and finally a permanent job with a fixed income to
On the other hand, it was also good because my company itself could not feed 4 people today.
On the other hand, it was very difficult for me. I was left with only the decision: boomerangs or
social work. I opted for the boomerangs and I've still never have to regret.
Today I along with my wife a house with a super great workshop in the basement and I can
boomerangs actually deny my livelihood.
Was very important for me that I did when I made the decision: had to make "boomerangs or social
work", Jörg Schlegel met. I thought I was a lunatic boomerang, but Jörg showed me that there's still
Jörg also encouraged me to step into self-employment. In the first year he has even worked on
weekends in the workshop - in addition to his job. I owe a lot to him and he became my best friend
and the most important.
From him I learned a lot back then and we were annoyed about that top throwers such as Volker
Behrens then made a secret of the profile of their boomerangs.
That was the birth of a new generation of construction plans, as they did not exist until then, the
Jörg and I on the former North German Championship individually sold to get money for further
investment in the workshop equipment.
And ... the birth of the two boomerang tree tapping "THE BAUMAPPE" and "THE BAUMAPPE
2", which dealt primarily with the wide aviation.
Public, we found through the "boomerang world" and the friendly, paternal support by Wilhelm
Bretfeld. - The me "crazy" the idea took to transfer the principle of the flight of maple seeds on
Boomerangs - especially in terms of MTAs.
It came then - after initial success - into oblivion, and after William's untimely death, I no longer
liked me deal with it. And quite honestly, I'm never the MTA thrower was.
Now, after 27 years I'm getting known all Boomerang interested in the world, in Germany the last
"dinosaurs," the boomerang produced on a large scale / can produce and have amassed over the
decades a vast knowledge of boomerangs that I like free and share with everyone.
The most important thing however is that the thing still gives me hell of a lot of fun!


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  • 12,90 €
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    RENNER  is an ultra powerful boomerang that needs to be personalized, tuned, leaded, planed  ... I met this boomerang on some international tournaments; it’s an ambidextrous boomerang that can be thrown by right-or left-handed depending on how the blades are twisted. For adults, with a range of 20/25 meters

    12,90 €
  • 14,90 €

    Moonlighter Renner has the same characteristics as polypropylene Renner but for the nightTo enjoy Renner on nights, you will have to enlighten it beforehand with a car headlight, lamp or laptop so that it stores a maximum amount of light to restore it for a few minutes when you throw it .SEE THE FOLLOWING BELOW

    14,90 €
  • 20,90 €

    Boomerang Denis comes from Boomerangprojekt, it is a small and effective traditional boomerang. It is a small v-blade boomerang in aircraft birch plywood (CTP) 4 mm thick very easy to throw This is a wide open Australian aboriginal boomerang. Its small size does not detract from its effectiveness (about 27 cm wide by 14cm high). A range of 20 meters

    20,90 €
  • 21,90 €

    Delta is a closed, compact and easy to catch boomerang.Delta is a simple design and I frequently use this type of shape with children for initiation.Straight and clean lines it is a closed boomerang which keeps a great spin with an always precise return, a range of 25 meters, do not hesitate to weigh it  to increase its range of ten meters.SEE THE...

    21,90 €
  • 22,90 €

    Faithful to his range of wooden boomerangs, Winfried Gorny designed this small v-shaped for youngers. The boomerang elbow ends like a wave to surf the breeze. It is this boomerang drawing that I use when I build boomerangs with children in recreation centers, it is perfectly suited.

    22,90 €
  • 22,90 €
    3 Review(s)

    Horseshoe is a small boomerang made of aircraft plywood 4 mm thick and 8 plies. This is my favorite of the moment, it is relatively small (21 cm wide and 18 high), but it is especially effective. With a range of about 25 meters, it can be sealed to 35 meters using lead tape.

    22,90 €
  • 22,90 €
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    An asymmetric boomerang from BoomerangProjekt dedicated to throwers from age is particularly light and requires little physical strength for a great range of approximately 25 meters. The leading wing is wider and shorter than the trailing wing. The trailing wing ends in an ergonomic way for a better grip.SEE THE FOLLOWING BELOW

    22,90 €
  • 24,90 €
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    Boomerang Fun is the bestseller of the BoomerangProjekt range.Fun is a relatively open with narrow blades. Width 30cm 19cm high.Winfried started from  a traditional boomerang on which he broke the angle in the middle of each blade to make it easier to catch up.Our advice is to lead it a bit more to increase its range .

    24,90 €
  • 24,90 €
    6 Review(s)

    Cupid boomerang has a range of 35 m and is really accurate!Once again Winfried Gorny surprises us with its small but effective boomerangs, Cupid is designed with aircraft plywood 4mm thick and 8 plies.  Winfried gives a span of 35 meters and states that if it is sealed it can even reach 50 meters.SEE THE FOLLOWING BELOW

    24,90 €
  • 37,90 €
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    Boomerang Bigman is very aptly named because it is the largest in our range. 40 cm wide by 23cm high, it is designed in aircraft plywood 5mm thick and requires a lot of strength to throw. With a great range, it flies up to about 45 meters with a wide and majestic trajectory Its slow path allows you to better position yourself for the catch. A feast for...

    37,90 €
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