On this page you can see some of our best videos. There are many other videos on the site, look and find the boomerang that suits you.  At the moment most of the videos are in french but soon it will be in English.       THE WAVEA single original boomerang . It is characterized by a very large hole allowing it to its resistance to strong wind  without modification. German design is for me one of the most versatile boomerangs. a range of about 22m it is super stable. Watch the video!!  you can find this boomerang  Here           ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   THE HORSESHOE  The Horseshoe is a compact inspired boomerang boomerangs competition,it is small but incredibly effective. Very light you'll be surprised of its range of 35 m. This little rest                                  easyboomerang boomerang to launch you can find this boomerang   HORSESHOE ICI                                                                                                ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                   ----- THE X-FLY Boomerang X-Fly is a versatile four-bladed, able to withstand sustained winds, Stéphane Hubert and boomerangfan have teamed up to create new highly effective boomerangcréer l'un des meilleursquadripale au monde               more infos here                --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE KADINAThe Kadinaboomerang is a creation  original staphane Marguerite A small compact three-bladed wind resistant. a traditional decor and oak veneer.    more information here                                                                                                                                                     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LE ZEBRA 3Boomerang Zebra 3 is the boom Beginner home boomerangfan. a range of 18m, tolerant and easy to catch. it is a must.   HERE        --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE ROOMLOOPThe roomloop is our best indoor boomerang. This is an exclusive French, a fabulous boomerang profile which already allows you to learn the boomerang fun.  HERE                                                                                                            

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