How to throw a boomerangThrowing technique   Trhowing a boomerang is not innate, the right gesture to a good start is not natural and novice will always tend to do a flat throw regardless of the wind direction. Choice of the ground Choose an open area, such as a meadow, a football field or a beach at low tide     Wind direction  It is essential to identify the direction of the wind.  Throw a little grass in the air and watch its direction then go upwind.   Grip Hold your boomerang on the tuned side, it’s generally the decorated side, the flat side must be outwards. Pinch your boomerang at the blade tip between thumb and forefinger. The ideal is to slightly break your wrist to nearly bring your boomerang in contact with your forearm..   boomerang angle  The boomerang angle is about 20 degrees Never forget that a boomerang is not a frisbee and it must absolutely not run flat. Flat throwing is often a beginner’s reflex and the consequences of this gesture can be serious because high rise boomerang come down so fast that it can break or injure the thrower So learn to start gently with a correct angle to acquire a good technical gesture .   Wind angleFace the wind, determine an angle of 45 degrees, to the right of the wind if you are right– handed and to the left of the wind if you are left-handed then locate a point in the horizon You’re ready to do your first throws   THROWING Throw your boomerang slightly upward toward the treetops Give it a maximum spining speed: to achieve this, give a good flick of the wrist when you throw, your boomerang has to leave your hand close to the vertical. Do not throw too hard, it's useless, all our boomerangare leisure boomerangs wich don't require too much forcewhen throwing.   Catching  If you successfully launch your boomerang, it will come back to you and you will have to catch it up.  Catch your boomerang between your two hands (sandwich catch) Once you are more comfortable, vary the catches:    one hand,    both hands under the leg,    under the tee shirt    catching with feet.... Imagine your own catches! Bad catches correction •  If your boomerang always lands on your right, without finishing its path: throw leftmost of the wind.If your boomerang goes up like a rocket before crashing to the ground: you throw too flat! Remember: you must throw your boomerang in a near vertical angle.If your boomerang always lands on your left, without finishing its path: throw rightmost of the wind.

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