You are a retailer and you would like to sell our boomerangs, on market places, in your shop or on a website... You are looking for extra income and you would like to sell special products during the Christmas season... Boomerang is a fascinating item that excites passers-by's curiosity and enables you to hook potential customers. It is up to you to find the market that suits you best and then to talk customers into buying. A good salesperson knows how to convey his or her passion ! Comprehensive promotional leaflets are available to retailers to help them conclude the sale. A bit of sales pitch and boomerang selling will be a way for you to make extra money!  If you are interested, be aware that part of our range can be retailed with good profit margins. Contact us on 00 33 6 68 70 39 71 or by e-mail at Your request will be assessed and then, if approved, we will send you a list of our articles with our terms and conditions.

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