Here are some sites enthusiasts boomerangs, To begin the site of my friend Luc Cormier with his creations, his boomerangs, paintings and sculptures. A visiter absoluments :   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- boomerang krafted by Kendall Davis   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Leading Edge Boomerangs, Home of 3-time World Individual Champion & 6-time World Team Champion, Chet Snouffer. 12 National Championships • 4 x US Open Champion  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A very good site of my friend Winfried Gorny----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A very good site all the flying toys, boomerangs, and Sagué fresbee by a famous pitcher: TEB Bailey : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The website of my friends Stéphane Hubert, Stéphane is part of the world's best thrower 90s, like me he has participated in numerous World Cup.    This is also the creator of the famous triboul X-Fly and zebra 3 on behalf of boomerangFan.    Continuous Stéphane sell its inception in Christmas time and we continue to launch all because he too lives in the Nantes region. Here is his website:      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The club website CSP CHARMOY section boomerang, Michael and Annie Fauchereau runs this club since 2011 and has a dozen member, a quiet but very active club in the area of ​​initiation and workshops with younger visitez leur site ici : The website of my friends Pau Thion The name of the site is :    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UN site Bresilien  Votre magasin boomerangsde sportau Brésil -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "You can take a look at the various boomerangs Peter "original boomerangs, however improbable shapes and ca flies, experimentation pushed to the extreme. A visit is essential--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your memories tend to fly away, let them come back to you, as my boomerangs, with the help of the writer biographer Pierre Nozieres:

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  • Room Loop
    Room Loop

    Roomloop is simply FABULOUS! This is our BEST SELLER! It is the first...

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    4,95 €
  • Quadri

    A Fantastic boomerang for beginner et competitor. You can use it for...

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    9,90 €
  • Easy

    boomerang triblade for beginner, it's a plastic boomerang, the shape...

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    9,90 €
  • Beach Loop

    BEACH LOOP is the big brother of ROOM LOOP, it should not be confused...

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    5,90 €
  • Hook

    The hook is a plastic boomerang very efficient This shape come from a...

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    9,90 €
  • Children pack

    3 boomerangs for beginner and children a roomloop, a beachloop and a...

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    15,90 €
  • X-Fly

    The X-Fly is a flagship model of Boomerangfan, a key quad...

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    14,90 €
  • Wave

    Le Wave est un boomerang de chez BOOM-A-RANG. Nous apprécions tout...

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    12,90 €
  • Zebra III

    A small polypropylene boomerang with a short range (about 15 meters)...

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    13,90 €
  • Agile

    A very good little boomerang, very light. Distance 6m, for children and...

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    7,90 €
  • Pack adulte
    Adult Pack

    A set of 3 leisure boomerangs specially selected for adults Not easy to...

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    28,50 €
  • Pack boomerang evolution
    Pack boomerang evolution

    3 plastics boomerangs designed by Sébastien Guiheux,  The...

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    24,00 €
  • Fun fly
    Fun fly

    Funfly is the first indoor foam boomerang by Eric Darnell. Righty or...

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    5,90 €