HOW TO MODIFY YOUR BOOMERANG  All our boomerangs were selected to be affordable for everyoneThey are easy to use, throw and catch in all weather conditions from no wind to steadier windWhen the wind is stronger and the weather conditions become difficult, your boomerang can be unpredictable; it can be carried away by the wind and come back too quickly.During competition, there are some tricks to improve the wind resistance of the boomerang or simply slow it down for an easier catch.Here are the main tricks used in competition.Easy to implement, they will be used to adapt your boomerang to your gesture.     Rubber bands  Rubber bands are the easiest way to change the flight of your boomerang. When the wind strengthens, tie a rubber band at the tip of a blade. If a rubber band is not enough, try the operation again on a second blade, then a third. Experiment and put rubber bands in different parts of the boomerang, which will give different effects. The rubber band  stops the spinning effect of the boomerang and slightly increases its range, which in case of strong wind, helps to slow its course so that you catch it more easily .    « Flaps »  Like rubber bands , flaps are a simple way to change the flight of the boomerang .Use scotch type duct tape .cut a 6cm piece of tape , fold it in the centre on a width of about 1cm and then paste this on the blade tip .The flap will help curb your boomerang without changing its range .Experiment this technique by changing the location of the flap(s) that you set on your boomerang.  Holes  Rubber bands and tape would not change the boomerang? For a beginner it’s unthinkable to make holes in his/her boomerang! Yet in competition, it’s one of the most common techniques. Making holes can actually slow down the boomerang and improve its resistance to strong wind.However, one must be careful because once the hole is made we can not go back.We must therefore go slowly. The diameter of the holes may vary from 6 to 8 mm. back.We must therefore go slowly. The diameter of the holes may vary from 6 to 8 mm. one expected, go on until the perfect flight.   Lead  You can easily increase the range of your boomerangs by weighing each blade.Seeing a boomerang evolve over long distances is a fabulous show.If you want to increase the range of your boomerang, you can simply tape a coin (5, 10 or even 20 cents) on each blade tips. your boomerang will be heavier and you will have to throw it accordingly. The best is to use lead scotch, in order to gradually reach the ideal weight of your boomerang. Vary the location of the weights in order to obtain different effect.     Dihedrals and anhedrals angles     If you observe your boomerang, you see that it is tuned like an air wing with a flat side and a tuned side . Working on dihedrals and anhedrals can make you change the flight of your boomerang. Plastic boomerangs are most suitable for working dihedrals because they keep their settings.     Positive dihedral    t’s to slightly bend one of your boomerang blades upwards to give it a rising path . If you find that your boomerang dives too much during mid flight, apply this torsion and it will thus have a higher path .You can then twist a second and a third blade according to the desired effect. A positive dihedral angle is often necessary to achieve a high path on Trick Catch boomerangs.   Negative dihedral   It’s the fact to obtain a low and skimming path. Slightly bend one of your boomerang blades downwards and then test it, do the same on other blades if the effect is not enough. But be careful, too much dihedral will crash your boomerang during mid flight . Experienced throwers tune their speed boomerangs down in this way to obtain a fast and skimming path.   Positive anhedral   It is to decrease or increase the range of the boomerang by slightly twisting at least one blade of your boomerang. If you twist a blade by bending up the leading edge, it is called a positive anhedral. A positive anhedral will then reduce the range of your boomerang but also decrease its spinning.Be careful not to twist the blade too much since the return may be too slow. If you believe that your boomerang loops in front of you, this type of setting can solve your problem.   Negative Anhedral   If you slightly twist a blade by bending down the leading edge, it is called a negative anhedral. This negative anhedral will then increase the range of your boomerang. But be careful to do it step by step.Too much negative anhedral will give a bad return and your boomerang will be much less accurate, it will loop in front of you and may even go straight without any curve.It is therefore recommended to use this setting sparingly.   ADVICES   We thus give you the keys to get a flight fitted to your throw .Each thrower is different and has to adapt his/her boomerangs to his/her own gesture. Our advice : test and try all these techniques in associating them .Having a perfect flight depends on weather conditions, on the boomerang, and on the thrower. Competitors usually have an adapted boomerang for each kind of event and each weather condition.

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