BOOMERANGS FOR GROUP LEADERS   You are a youth leader in a leisure centre or a holiday centre You are working on the theme of Australia and you wish to organize an activity connected with aboriginal culture. You are organizing a game party or a leisure festival gathering various outdoor sports.  Boomerang is a special activity combining manual handling with  sport and bringing people of all ages Le boomerang est une activité originale à mettre en place, une activité à la together. It is unusual so it will, no doubt, arouse skeptics' curiosity!     Yet, it is not easy to organize an activity when you are not a fan and it is only natural that a leader should not master all the projects he or she wants to implement. That is why we have developed a oomerang kit so that you can start a boomerang activity with no real technical knowledge. THE PRICE OF THE KIT IS 90 EUROS FOR 12 TRAINEES, 7.5 Euros per trainee:   The amount can be changed on request (sebastien.guiheux @   You can order the KIT HERE or contact me at 00 33 668 703 971 for a personalized quote   KIT BOOMERANG HERE  You can order the KIT HERE or contact me at 00 33 668 703 971 for a personalized quote please e-mail us and we will personalize the kit according to your needs.     THE KIT COMPRISES :    A DVD containing various videos, tips and techniques    2 indoor boomerangs  After viewing the video you will learn how to start indoors thanks to fabulous harmless small foam boomerangs allowing you to learn the boomerang safely Included : a roomloop and a gilimeno (for left-handed ) for indoor throwing only                                3 plastic boomerangs : 3 spinracer boomerangs are included in the package    two right-handed and one left-handed  Here they are boomerangs beginners to throw from age 8.                 12 boomerangs Yi, it’s an organic boomerang : Stéphane MARGUERITE is a forerunner in ecological innovation. He has combined his passion and his job as craftsman in a real eco-citizen approach . Stéphane has designed the first organic plastic boomerang composed of 52% corn starch and 48% polyolefin. It is a three-blade molded boomerang elaborated from French raw material.     The purpose of this workshop is to teach you how to work manually, and you will discover how a  boomerang works. YI is an outdoor boomerangits its range is about 20 meters. It won’t take you more than half an hour to sand the trailing edge whether you are right-handed or  left-handed. This boomerang can be easily smoothed using sandpaper supplied with each boomerang. Once the boomerang is completed, students will spend a good time to decorate it with felt-pens or paint. Once finished, go on a grassy field, you will then learn to identify the direction of the wind, and after reading all the instructions, you will throw your first boomerangs.   Of course I remain available to advise you, I only move in the Great West but I can possibly work on major events     

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