LOGAN BROADBENT is one of the best boomerang throwers in the world, he is part of the National US Boomerang team and he has won many tournements.
I threw with Logan at the Kiel world cup in 2016 (Germany).
Logan is also a sportsman well known in the United States in particular with his participation in the famous TV Show "NINJA WARIOR".
He also participated in the famous Youtube Channel by making incredible throws with the DUDE PERFECT team.
Thanks you to Logan for allowing me to share with you his videos illustrating how to throw and adjust your boomerang.


an other video in french from me :

Throwing technique

Throwing a boomerang is not innate. The correct technique for a good throw does not come natural and a beginner tends to start out with flat throws regardless of the wind’s direction.

Wind direction & Field choice

Choose an open area, such as a meadow, a football field, or a beach at low tide. It is essential to identify the direction of the wind.

Throw a little grass in the air and observe its direction. Then move upwind.


Hold your boomerang
Hold your boomerang on the tuned side (generally the decorated side). The flat side must be outwards. Pinch your boomerang at the blade’s tip between thumb and forefinger. Ideally, your wrist should be slightly bent in order to bring the boomerang in contact with your forearm.

Boomerang angle

A boomerang’s angle is about 20 degrees. Don’t forget that a boomerang is not a Frisbee and should never fly flat. Flat throwing is often a beginner’s reflex and this can result in injury since a boomerang rises quickly and can descend extremely fast. So start out gently with a correct angle in order to learn the proper technique.

Wind angle

Face the wind and identify a 45 degree angle to the right of the wind if you are right–handed, to the left of the wind if you are left-handed. Next, choose a point in the horizon. You are now ready to throw.

Throwing & Maximum spinning speed

Throw boomerang
Throw your boomerang slightly upward toward the treetops. In order to achieve a maximum spinning speed, give a good flick of the wrist when you throw. Your boomerang should leave your hand almost vertically. Don’t throw too hard, though, as this is basically useless. None of our hobby boomerangs require much force when throwing.


If you successfully launch your boomerang, it will come back to you and you will have to catch it. Catch your boomerang between your two hands (sandwich catch). Once you are more comfortable, you can try different types of catches:

  • One hand
  • Both hands under a leg
  • With your tee shirt
  • With the feet ...

Get creative and come up with your own catches!

Correcting a bad catch

  • If your boomerang continues to land to your right without finishing its path, throw to the left of the wind’s direction.
  • If your boomerang goes up like a rocket before crashing to the ground, you are throwing too flat!
  • Remember, you must throw your boomerang at a near vertical angle.
  • If your boomerang always lands to your left without finishing its path, throw to the right of the wind.