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Since the late 1970s, the boomerang has become a sport in its own right. It is no longer a simple solitary hobby but a real sport with its rules and its competitions which allow to confront each other. France is one of the best organized countries, thanks to its associative fabric, the boomerang is now part of the French Federation of Free Flight (FFVL). Competitions are regularly organized across the country which bring together the best national pitchers.


A European boomerang cup is organized every two years alternating with the world cup. Different competition formats exist: individual, team, outdoor or indoor. Boomerang-evolution was founded by Sébastien Guiheux, who has participated in numerous competitions in France and abroad, Sébastien had to offer a line of boomerangs specially designed for competition. These boomerangs are all unique and have nothing to do with recreational boomerangs, they are intended for the informed public only. These boomerangs are handcrafted and are all tested. These boomerangs are more expensive but more efficient than simple hobby boomerangs. Some of these boomerangs require a delay in delivery because they are built to order. Find these boomerangs classified by type of event by refining your criteria.

Boomerang Competition Event


In English we talk about fast catch, the goal is to make 5 catches in a minimum of time. Usually they are very personalized boomerangs or re-cut triflies. There are specific shapes for speed, the blades are generally rear facing and very contoured. Note that the launchers have different types of speed boomerangs, in fact when there is wind the boomerangs will be much slower and above all safer.


It is a question of chaining a maximum of catching up in 5 minutes with a range always of 20 meters at least. It's a very physical event that requires good condition and a lot of training for good consistency. The record is held by Manuel Schultz with 81 throws.

The Aussie Round:

It is a bit like the queen event of the tournament, it requires application and experience. It is in fact to throw his boomerang at 50 meters and to catch it in a precise way, each throw is noted on 20 points according to the distance, the precision and the catching.

The precision :

in the middle of a giant target drawn every 2 meters the launcher tries to throw his boomerang and not to catch it, he must indeed fall in the center of the target. Each throw is scored on 10 points, for example if the boomerang falls in the center it is knocked down for 10 points if it falls between 2 and 4 meters it will be scored for 8 points etc ... on a decreasing basis.


The boomerangs of MTA or Maximum of Time in the Air are intended to remain a maximum of time in the air, we can thus anchor boomerangs which can remain several ten seconds in the air or even a minute or more. They are generally either carbon or bakelite. Each of these materials has its advantages.

Acrobatics Doubling Trickcatch:

A very impressive test It is a question of throwing his boomerang which, in general will have an ascending trajectory with a stable descent in helicopter, The launcher will have to carry out imposed catches of increasing difficulty. for example the thrower must hit his boom with one hand then 2 hands under the leg, rebound on the feet, in the back or with the feet.

The second part of the test consists of throwing 2 boomerangs simultaneously, it's very impressive. One of the boomerang will fall before the second and the goal is also to chain the imposed catches.

boomerang evolution offers you some competition boomerangs, these boomerangs are tested and approved, buy a boomerang on my advice, please feel free to contact me.