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Here you will find our complete selection of boomerangs before having selected any specific criteria. You will therefore find left-handed, right-handed, and ambidextrous boomerangs, boomerangs made out of polypro, foam, fiberglass, and wood, boomerangs for your spare time, for beginners and experts, as well as light-up and glow-in-the-dark boomerangs. From here, you are free to progressively refine your criteria in the search for the perfect boomerang that corresponds to your needs.


A large selection of videos are available on the site, and new ones are constantly arriving. Furthermore, I am always available to help you in your search for the perfect boomerang so don’t hesitate in contacting me either by email or phone, 7 days a week. Boomerang-Evolution provides you with the best boomerangs from all over the world. The site is unparalleled in that it allows you to compare boomerangs by watching videos clearly showing you the trajectory of each boomerang. I’m no video expert but the videos will break down the different boomerangs for you in all of their simplicity.