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Softoys offers a complete line of soft, foam boomerangs.

A truly original brand, Boomerang-Evolution is proud to work with this new partner.

A complete line of foam boomerangs.

These boomerangs are created out of a light material, more or less rigid and dense, which helps beginners to not be afraid of catching. They can be thrown indoors as well as outdoors in certain conditions.

Softoys offers three-blade boomerangs for indoor use such as the Roomboom or even a small, indoor-use four-blade boomerang.

It is important to have some notion of tuning in order to not only be able to optimize your boomerang’s flight but also to know how to throw your boomerang as a real, outdoor boomerang.

Additional outdoor, easy-to-use, and well-made boomerangs include:

The Falirang: A large, three-blade boomerang that glides well and resists wind.

The Plumerang: A unique three-blade boomerang designed on the theme of feathers that requires a strong flick of the wrist.

The Rackrang: An awesome and large four-bladed boomerang.

The Rotarang: A high-performance three-bladed boomerang.

The Xoomerang: An easy-to-use three-bladed boomerang