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Mark Legg started throwing boomerangs in 1983 at the age of 10. In April of the same year, he treated himself to a boomerang at the local art festival in Delaware, Ohio. After some trial and error, he achieved his first return flight. This was a magical moment and Mark has not stopped throwing since!

From the beginning, Mark was surrounded by the world’s best throwers such as Chet and Gregg Snouffer (for those who aren’t aware, Chet is a 12-time national champion and 3-time world champion and Gregg is a two-time national champion and indoor world champion).

Chet organized many competitions and classes teaching children how to make boomerangs. Mark would attend each event and soon began making and throwing his own boomerangs. Then, at the age of 13, he began traveling and competing in events with Chet and Gregg Snouffer. 

After completing his studies, Mark left the boomerang world for a few years before eventually returning to it permanently. From 1991 to 1996, the sport changed dramatically. Before 1991, competition boomerangs were mainly v-shaped and made of wood. From 1996 onwards, three-blade boomerangs appeared and performance improved considerably. Throwers used models made of Bakelite, plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fibers.

As years went by, Mark gathered information and greatly improved his knowledge of these new materials. He has now mastered the best techniques of the manufacturing process both for wooden and composite boomerangs. Over the years, Mark has gained a reputation as a fine craftsman. He is now a member of the American Boomerang team, 8th in world ranking, and the champion of the America's Cup, won in Ito, Brazil in 2005.

Mark created Leggacy Boomerang, which sells handmade hobby boomerangs as well as a rare selection of high-performance competition boomerangs approved by the world’s best throwers.