Bahadara boomerang

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Always on the search for the world’s best boomerangs, I have selected for you a new, exclusive distributor.

Bahadara Boomerang is a Brazilian company managed by Carlos Martini.

Bahadara mainly distributes polypropylene injected boomerangs.

Boomerang-Evolution is the only European distributor offering this Brazilian brand. The brand’s prices are slightly more expensive due to import fees.

While smaller than the average boomerang, Bahadara boomerangs offer incredible performance.

A little bit about Bahadara’s history from Carlos himself:

It all started in the 80s when I saw a young girl throw a boomerang in Ibirapuera Park. I was struck by the beauty of it flying through the air. So I asked the girl if I could try throwing her boomerang and, like any beginner, my first throw didn’t turn out so well and I even ended up breaking her boomerang. I then went and bought her a new one.

Determined, I began to make (starting with Hooks) and sell my own boomerangs.

I’ve had the boomerang bug ever since and it’s never left me. I started working professionally at tradeshows and different events.

I began progressively investing in new technology as well as participating in international competitions, all with the goal of promoting the boomerang in my country, Brazil.

Today, I am able to say that, thanks to relentless work, I have achieved my dream. I am now in charge of one of the best boomerang businesses in the world.

Boomerangs primarily made out of polypropylene, from three-bladed to four-bladed boomerangs.

Each boomerang I design, all of which come with a warranty, is a small part of my dream to share my passion.

Happy throwing!