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Temoe Boomerang is an Indonesian brand that has recently come onto the market.

If there is one country where the boomerang is truly evolving, it would be Indonesia. Located in southeastern Asia, Indonesia was introduced to the boomerang less than 10 years ago thanks to Roger Perry, an internationally known Australian thrower.

In recent times, some great throwers have emerged and revolutionized the boomerang world. Denis Suprana is, for example, one of the world’s best throwers. He regularly posts videos of his fast catch and endurance sessions and is constantly training. While there are competitions held in Indonesia, the travel costs for attending these events are expensive, and we haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet Denis nor his partners. However, the World Cup in Bordeaux will be hosting certain Indonesian throwers thanks to a special fund created for throwers with limited income.

Temoe Suyatno thus created Temoe Boomerang in 2013. Although they started off slowly, this brand succeeded in quickly breaking through into the international boomerang world.

Temoe first started out creating many different types of models out of rigid, thermo-compressed foam, ranging from the traditional v-shaped to much faster boomerangs. He then started making models out of injected polypropylene, from v-shaped boomerangs to the famous speed boomerang, the Flash.

He has completely revolutionized the boomerang world as a result of the many incredible models he created in a record amount of time as well as the variation in his boomerang decoration. Using a technique known as transfer printing, he has been able to create incredible decorations ranging from aborigine art, to fun designs, to carbon models, all of them refinished in a layer of varnish.

I asked Temoe to write a little presentation of his background and business.



I am Temoe Suyatno from Indonesia. I am a 50 year-old designer and builder of boomerangs for beginners and professional throwers. My business is Temoe Boomerang.

Boomerangs have inspired me from an early age and I have been involved in boomerangs professionally for the last 10 years. I worked at a Nikes Shoes factory for 33 years before I quit. I then decided to pursue my dream in 2013. My hope is that boomerangs can be appreciated by anyone at any age.

I began by creating reliable, comfortable boomerangs that were safe to use by everyone. This is why I started out making short-distance foam boomerangs. My success in Indonesia was immediate. My boomerangs have been enjoyed by both children and adults throughout the world.

My goal is to promote the boomerang sport because I believe it is special. A boomerang allows you to exercise, train your reflexes, and watching your ability improve is a source of happiness.

Boomerang, with its international competitions, is a sport and it’s something positive that we should support as a community.

Boomerangs give our children the opportunity to get out and move. It improves our mood. Our children are thus active and less dependent on technological gadgets such as their cellphones.

I truly hope that the boomerangs made by Temoe Boomerangs bring something positive to the world.

-Thank you”


So there you have it. I’m extremely proud to represent Temoe Boomerang as a brand, and you will find the majority of their boomerangs on my site.

Until next time,