Wallaby boomerang

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Stéphane Marguerite's passion for boomerangs began in 1981 in his hometown of Laval in Mayenne, France, while attending a show organized by the local boomerang club. He has been making boomerangs ever since.

In 1984 he competed in his first tournament and he eventually became captain of both the French and Canadian teams. Over the past 30 years, he has had the opportunity to take part in many national and international competitions.

In 1993, he flew to Montreal, Canada, where he created Wallaby Boomerangs, an eco-citizen workshop that makes handmade boomerangs from renewable natural resources like wood and bioplastics. Their goal is to increase popularity in boomerang throwing

In 2005, Marguerite returned to the west of France and settled down in a village called Sallertaine, known as an arts and crafts community, and opened a new workshop. The workshop’s goal is to combine the practice of healthy physical activity with design and traditional know-how, and thus promote eco-friendly consumption. He continues to operate his Canadian workshop where he lives and works from October to March every year.

The experience he gained in Europe as well as from participating in many international competitions enabled him to develop a respected expertise in designing reliable and high-performance boomerangs. He constantly pushes the limits of design to meet customers' expectations, whatever their level may be. His boomerangs are approved worldwide and are famous for their style and innovative design.

 Stéphane Marguerite commits himself to:

- Guarantee high-quality products and to enhance skills and know-how in French craftsmen.

- Contribute to environmental protection by favoring natural resources and continuously improving the ecological quality of boomerangs.

- Increase consumers awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity with something as simple and natural as the boomerang