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Boomerang Fan, a French company based in Vendée (western France), distributes a series of boomerangs mainly made of aircraft plywood.

Boomerang Fan is a major player in the history of French boomerang. In 2000, Michel Barré, then manager of Boomerang Fan, called on one of the best French designers and throwers, Stéphane Hubert, to redesign the whole range of Boomerang Fan.

The previous range had become outdated so they made it their goal to update their entire collection.

And boy did they accomplish their goal! This new collection of boomerangs is suitable for both beginners and experienced throwers.

Boomerang Fan uses the most advanced technological machinery, such as a 5-axis milling machine, in order to digitally manufacture boomerangs with great accuracy. 

The end result is a boomerang with a perfect finish and the print of the original motif.

Stéphane Hubert also designed 2 PP boomerangs: the X-Fly and Zebra 3, widening Boomerang Fan’s range even more.

Jean-François Barré is now in charge of Boomerang Fan.