Boomerang evolution

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This category regroups all of the unique boomerangs I design and create for you. It’s not rare for me to come up with new designs and creations and I’m always on the search for new shapes. Social networking has given me the ability to stay connected with the boomerang community. With permission from certain shapers, I reproduce the best models. For me, hobby boomerangs are just as important as competition boomerangs. All of the boomerangs you will find here have been tested and approved by me with care.

This category is always changing and I regularly add new models.

You will find competition boomerangs for events ranging from distance, speed, Trick Catch, and Fast Catch.

For hobby boomerangs, you will find beautiful wooden models like the Napoleon as well as boomerangs for beginners.

I also offer carbon boomerangs as well as light-up boomerangs.