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As its name suggests, an MTA competition consists of keeping the boomerang in the air for as long as possible and timing its flight. This competition takes place on a very large area with a 50-meter radius just like the Aussie Round field. Each thrower has 5 throws to achieve the longest time with only the longest time counting at the end.

Throwers are divided into equal groups, which are positioned at the outer edge of the circle, and each group is equipped with at least 3 timers. Each player throws alternately. The thrower usually starts at the edge of the circle facing the wind and the timer starts as soon as he throws. The player has the whole circle in which to catch his boomerang but he must catch it in the circle for the throw to count. The average time in an MTA event ranges between 25 and 40 seconds.

These boomerangs have a completely different path than other boomerangs and throwing them requires a certain level of experience. The thrower must throw his/her MTA very high as well as vertically. The boomerang will quickly go very high and then stabilize before slowly descending. This is a very impressive event that requires maximum concentration and specific technical gestures. If it is hot and heavy, there can be thermals or hot air drafts. If your boomerang flies through these updrafts, it will remain in the sky much longer, or even fly away in the sky.

MTA Boomerangs

V-shaped: These are the most powerful. They are asymmetric boomerangs with one blade longer than the other, and strongly dihedral tuned. They are generally used in very good weather conditions.

3-blade boomerangs: Currently, the most effective is the "PALM,” an original three-blade boomerang larger than most boomerangs, who’s blades are strongly curved. This type of MTA boomerang is used in bad weather conditions in order to help ensure a good result.

The materials used must be thin and rigid.

Bakelite was widely used in the past because it is very stiff though a bit brittle. Nowadays, competitive throwers design ultra light and ultra-resistant carbon boomerangs, which are known for keeping their settings. MTA flight is spectacular but requires powerful and complicated technique.