Fast catch

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A Fast Catch event entails extremely precise boomerangs spinning and skimming over the ground are more than120 km/hour. Imagine a large, 20-meter radius circle drawn on the ground, with another 2-meter circle inside of it. The objective of this exciting event is to provide a series of 5 throws and catches within a 1 minute time-limit. The boomerang must have a minimum range of 20 meters and other throwers confirm this scope by standing on the limits of the 20-meter circle.

Before the event, there is a group warm-up exercise. When it is his/her turn, the thrower has an additional minute to make his/her final adjustments. As soon as the boomerang is thrown, the timer starts. The thrower is allowed to catch his/her boomerang outside of the 2-meter center circle but must return to the center to throw the other shots.

If the boomerang is not caught, the throw is not counted, and the player must continue until he/she throws up to 5 catches. The timer stops when the thrower catches the 5th boomerang. However, if the catch is outside of the 2-meter circle, the clock stops when the player has placed one foot within the circle.

However, sometimes the weather is windy and it is difficult to complete 5 shots. In this case, 1 minute after the timer stops, the total throws (which varies between 1 and 4) are added up. Finally, if the contestant throws his 5th launch before the minute expires, then his time will be recorded even after the minute ends. Each thrower gets two attempts to carry out a series of 5 shots as quickly as possible, generally on two different circles. The world record for this event is 14.03 seconds!