Night boomerangs

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Picture yourself throwing your boomerang at night! How great it feels to see your boomerang spinning and flying in total darkness! What will amazed passersby say when they spot this strange UFO?


Following is a selection of boomerangs with light for nighttime throwing:

Night boomerangs are made of translucent polypropylene containing an additive accumulates light and releases it later on. This phenomenon is called “glow in the dark.” Many children’s toys are made of this material. All you need to do is to shine light on your boomerang for a few seconds with a cellphone, a flashlight, or a car light, and then immediately throw your boomerang and watch it go flying. It’s truly something to see!

Here are some other ideas for making your boomerang visible at night.

Sparkler candles:

Typically used for birthday cakes, these candles make sparks like fireworks. For a spectacular light show, just light up a sparkler, tape it on your boomerang, and throw it straight off. Just be careful not to burn yourself and be aware that the candle will only sparkle for about 30 seconds. And do not try to catch your boomerang or you may get burnt!


Everybody is familiar with Cyalume technology. Known as light sticks or glow sticks, and available in a variety of fluorescent colors, they are fun additions to any party. This single-use translucent plastic tube contains isolated substances which, when combined, make light through chemiluminescence for about 24 hours. All you have to do to illuminate your boomerang is tape on some 2-inch glow sticks, which you can find in an outdoor sports shop's fishing department.

LED lights:

Miniaturization in electronics now makes it possible to attach ultra-bright LED lights with compatible batteries on your boomerang. This requires some electronic skills, but it is easy to achieve and the result is long lasting and effective.