Wooden boomerangs

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The majority of our wood boomerangs are made of birch aircraft plywood. Nowadays, aircraft plywood (Q2), considered the hardest plywood, is the perfect material for producing high-quality boomerangs. 20,000 years ago Australian aborigines used to make boomerangs and killing sticks out of a hard and fiber-tight wood called mulga. Since then, materials have evolved and plywood was invented.


Like sandwich, plywood is made of layers, or wood veneers, that are glued together with adjacent plies having their wood grain at right angles to each other, making it much stronger than a plain sheet of wood of equal thickness. The correct choice of wood species is also an essential prerequisite for the quality of plywood. Finnish birch has become the best species for producing this type of plywood. Therefore, aircraft plywood is perfect for making boomerangs, because it is made of numerous ultra-thin plies in order to keep the plywood's thickness to a minimum.

The ideal thickness ranges from 0.4 mm (8 plies) to 0.5 mm (10 plies). Of course, you can always make your own boomerangs, although it is not always easy to find this type of material in retail shops. But, cheer up! It won’t be long before its available to purchase online! Most of the boomerangs that are available to purchase on this site are hand-made by dedicated manufacturers. Wood brings both strength and style to your boomerang. When sanding the leading and trailing edges of your boomerang, the many layers of ply show, giving your boomerang a unique attractiveness. Personalizing and decorating your boomerang, whether it be with ethnic, aboriginal, or creative designs, gives the finishing touch to your boomerang before varnishing. Not only will your boomerang serve you perfectly in your hobby, but it can also be hung as a beautiful piece of art after your training sessions. A wooden boomerang remains a beautiful thing to treat oneself to, or to offer as a gift.