Tri-blade boomerangs

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The majority of the boomerangs used in competitions are three-blade boomerangs. Tribladers consist of 3 blades. They are much easier to catch due to the fact that they have a central point of rotation located in the middle of the boomerang, hence in the material.


The triblader is the perfect boomerang to start with and is suitable for both children and adults. It is the perfect compromise because it is both easy to throw as well as easy to catch. The flight of a three-blade boomerang is very impressive due to its spinning speed, which resembles an airplane’s propeller. It is also possible to tune some of these boomerangs so as to make them skim over the ground by bending down one or two blades (dihedral). The easiest boomerang to start with is a three-blade boomerang.