Adult Boomerangs

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Our boomerangs are all suitable for adults. That's why you can find both children and adult boomerangs together in the same category. As a matter of fact, adults can easily throw children’s boomerangs, too! Adults and late teenagers are much stronger than children thanks to more-developed muscles.


As a result, adults can use boomerangs that are a little heavier and that can resist stronger winds.

What should the boomerang be made of?

Whether it be polypropylene, wood or carbon fibers, anything is possible, as most adults won’t have physical restrictions! Polypropylene boomerangs offer good value for money whereas wooden boomerangs feature design first. What shape should it be? V-boomerangs, tribladers, or 4-blade design? Whatever the shape, our boomerangs are all tested. Just be aware that multi-blade boomerangs, like tribladers or 4-blade designs, are easier to catch.